Meaning of an IQ score

What does an IQ score mean? After taking an IQ test, you might need some help with the interpretation of your IQ score to understand what your IQ score actually tells you. Do you have an average IQ, a genius IQ? The table below shows the IQ score range as derived from Resing and Blok (2002)1 and provides a clear overview. The table distinguishes different categories based on the height of your IQ score, meaning you gain some understanding of your capacities. Continue reading “Meaning of an IQ score”


What is my IQ Score?

What is my IQ Score?
What is my IQ Score?

The newest IQ tests prepared by experts. Each tested receives a certificate with the name and value of his IQ. The test has 30 questions and takes no more than 30 minutes..

It will only take you about 20 minutes to finish it. However, your result will not only depend on your answers, but also on the time you take to complete the test. If you don’t find the answer, you can also pass the question and come back to it later (note that the questions list is always on top of the pages). Getting a pen and a paper can be useful, but is not essential ! On the other hand, no computer must be used, in which case you would distort your result.

Suitable for kids, teenagers and adults our test utilizes unique and original questions designed by in-house PHD researchers. Whether you’re looking for a professional grade IQ assessment for a new job applicant or simply wish to challenge yourself with fun problems you’re sure to enjoy find our detailed assessment of IQ insightful.